Stock Market | FinancialContent Business Page, the company of Scott Hall, a New York-based content marketing and software expert, has launched a new guide for SMEs who are curious as to how new AI technology can help them increase sales and brand awareness through social media marketing.

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – May 1, 2023) – Available on the website, the new guide to the benefits of AI content tools provides business owners with information on what AI for social media is, how it works and how it can be a positive force for SMEs (small to medium enterprises) competing in a global marketplace.

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The newly released AI content tool guide, designed to enable small businesses to enhance their social media marketing, comes as digital marketers adjust their best practice advice in the wake of new AI-powered software. The fast-evolving world of digital content marketing has left many businesses confused about how best to incorporate AI into their marketing strategies, explains

“Many business owners are keen to engage the vast resources that AI can offer,” says Scott Hall, who has written extensively on the AI-enabled tools that SMEs can use to boost their company’s profile online. “Things are changing so fast, however, and it leaves people asking a lot of questions: how does it all work? How do I go about getting the best results? Do the benefits actually outweigh the time and money it will take to invest in this new tech? My new guide addresses all these issues, clearly and in plain English – no fancy jargon – so even someone without a tech or marketing background can understand and apply what they learn.”

As discussed in the guide, the latest AI-powered tools use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to analyze consumer behavior patterns and current trends. This is then combined with data points collected through social media platforms and adapted to create a more personalized customer experience for the designated target audience.

The ability to measure, evaluate and respond to campaign results in real-time with AI analytics software creates unprecedented opportunities for businesses to adapt and engage with their customers quickly to maximize customer satisfaction. This, in turn, can lead to increased sales and brand awareness.

However,’s practical guide also focuses on the limitations of AI-driven social media content marketing. Itl emphasizes the need for human oversight, discusses the drawbacks of AI, and whether online search engines could flag AI-created content to detriment a company’s public image.

“AI has reached the stage where it’s possible to learn your voice; how your company presents itself. It gives the illusion of personal ‘hand-crafted’ content that speaks directly to your customers. But that only works if it is 100% believable: nobody likes to feel duped,” explains Scott Hall. “The guide goes in depth into the possible pitfalls of AI social media marketing and how to mitigate them. I also discuss the tools that SMEs can apply to their content marketing; how to select the best ones for the job and how to use them effectively .”

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