UCP promising new addiction treatment beds: NDP promising cuts to small business taxes

The province had said in late February that the one in Red Deer would be open in March with the Lethbridge one set to open this spring.

The UCP is also promising five new mental wellness centers with 75 beds each and to bring in legislation that would allow a parent, family member, doctor, psychologist, or police officer to ask a designated judge from a non-criminal court to issue a treatment order, meaning addictions would go to treatment rather than jail. Smith says this would be a last resort.

The NDP is promising a reduction in small business taxes if the party forms the next provincial government.

Leader Rachel Notley said this would eliminate taxes for 100,000 small businesses in various sectors. Notley says this could save some businesses $10,000 a year, depending on their finances.

“Alberta’s small business owners have been through the wringer over the last few years and they deserve better from their government. By eliminating this tax, we can help thousands of local businesses get back on their feet, and we can support aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams,” said Notley in a release from the party.

Notley also promised not to raise personal income taxes and not to bring in a provincial sales tax.

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